INSIDE: How to calm down and stress less with 10 easy and fun mindful kids ideas.

10 calming activities for creating mindfulness with kids.

Whether its from our kids, aging parents or just trying to balance everyday work + kids, we’re all a little bit stressed. And our kids are not immune from feeling stress either. Especially right now with Coronavirus news all around us, school and extra-curriculars cancelled or postponed. #stress

Whatever the reason, big or small, everyone can benefit from becoming more mindful.

Here are 10 easy and fun ways to calm down and de-stress with 10 mindful kid ideas and activities. Works on mom and dad too.

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How to Calm Down with 10 Mindful Kids Ideas

Take a Deep Breath

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told my kids to ‘take a deep breath’. You know, in through the nose and out through the mouth. I’ll then either hear loud and exaggerated breathing, or rapid and panicky breathing. 🙄

So if yoga breathing is proving challenging for your kid, try this Rainbow Breathing Exercise.

Rainbow breathing exercise for kids.
Source: Branch Habitat

Play a Game Together

Games that require quiet concentration, like Jenga for Kids, Memory or Rummikub, can be fun ways to take a pause from the busyness of life and sit still for few minutes.

Make a Glitter Jar

Feeling angry, frustrated or sad? Instead of what many of us do (maybe, sometimes, we take it out on someone else), make DIY Glitter Jars where we can shake away our negative emotions. Learn how to make this easy, fun craft stress-in-a-jar craft!

DIY Glitter Jars help kids (and adults) process negative emotions when angry or stressed.
Source: Fireflies and Mudpies

Put Your Hand On Your Heart

Sometimes the best thing any of us can do is hit pause. Even just for one minute. When frustration and stress mounts, stop and put a hand on your heart and just breathe.

Or, depending on the age of the kids, encourage them to jump up and down for 30 seconds. Then stop and put their hands on their heart and feel the beat. Focus on how their heartbeat and breathing feels.

10 Easy and Fun Mindfulness Ideas for Kids

Mindful Coloring Sheets

Download a free mindful coloring sheet for the kids. There is nothing as meditative as mindlessly coloring your troubles away!

You can find some great ones here for all ages and coloring abilities.

Free mindfulness coloring pages for kids and adults.
Source: Best Coloring Pages for Kids

Daily DIY Gratitude Jar

Most of us think of gratitude during the holiday season. But making gratitude a daily practice is only of the fastest ways to achieving mindfulness. You can easily create your own Gratitude Jar and read the entries at dinnertime.

How to make a DIY Gratitude Jar for practicing daily acts of gratitude as a family.

Source: Primrose Schools

Use Your Five Senses to Explain ‘Presence’

ThHow to teach kids (and adults) to live in the moment with free five senses mindfulness worksheet.e term ‘living in the present’ can be a challenging, even for the most aware and woke adults!

So then how do you get kids to understand the concept of getting out of their heads and into the current moment?

One easy way is to have kids use their five senses to stop and focus on what they are hear, see, feel and feel right now.

Grab this free downloadable worksheet as a helpful starter to learning the abstract idea of ‘presence’.






Blindfold Taste Test

Another fun way to teach presence and experiencing life with the five senses is to stage your own blindfolded taste test! You can use food in the fridge, pantry or garden if you have one. Have your child close their eyes, relax, taste the food and describe it.

10 Easy Mindfulness Activities for Calm Kids

DIY Kids Zen Garden

Make your own calming zen garden using kid-safe containers, like divided paper plates or leftover takeout boxes. Let the kids customize their gardens with rocks or shells, then rake away their troubles!

How to make DIY zen garden for kids for sensory calm and stress-free mindful solutions.
Source: Projects with Kids

Beading Necklaces and Bracelets

Give your kiddo a bunch of beads so they can focus on the mindful task of inserting bead on pipe cleaner, string or bendable wire.

Make friendship bracelets for friends as part of kids birthday random acts of kindness activities.

Source: Crafting Kind Kids

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