INSIDE: How to make handmade kindness cards for hospitalized children. Teach kids thoughtfulness with DIY cards for kids.

Make happy and positive handmade cards of encouragement for children sick in hospitals.

It seems like the best time to encourage a family crafting session is when the kids are home from school on break. A few days in, when they are bored and starting to poke, prod and annoy each other, is a great time to pull out the paper, scissors and glue!

And that’s what we did on Day Two of their most recent school break. I gathered them around the table and hauled out a basket of scrapbook papers, a bucket of markers and let them go to (creativity) town.

Except we were all working toward a common goal: creating kindness cards for hospitalized kids.

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How to Make Fun Kindness Cards for Hospitalized Children

Making cards for others is a great – and super easy – way to inspire thoughtfulness and selflessness in our kids. It’s also a kind excuse to make a dent in those overwhelming piles of craft supplies. Speaking of, these are some general items to have on hand for this project:

Scrapbook paper or construction paper
Markers/crayons/colored pencils
Scissors and glue

Any type of loose item, like glitter, could cause health issues for the children receiving these cards. So it’s best to stick with items that won’t fall off or cause a mess.

Get the kids crafting by making handmade cards for hospitalized children.

Get Crafting with DIY Cute Cards for Hospitalized Children

There are several organizations that accept and distribute cards for hospitalized kids. Please refer to their websites and card-making guidelines prior to starting to make handmade cards:

Cards for Hospitalized Kids accepts cards for seriously ill children in hospitals;

Cardz for Kidz!sends handmade cards to hospitalized and traumatized children across the globe; and

Color A Smile sends cheerful drawings to senior citizens, overseas troops and anyone needing a smile.

Make seasonal and holiday cards for seriously ill or traumatized children.

Many national organizations ask that seasonal or holiday cards, like Halloween, Christmas and Easter are sent to them at least six weeks in advance.

So we made a variety of cards from handprint turkeys for Thanksgiving to Christmas trees to Hanukkah dreidels.

Make cute seasonal holiday cards from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas and Hanukkah for hospitalized children.

We also made a handful of general cards with happy and encouraging greetings. Some generic sayings can include:

You rock.
Stay awesome.
U R GR8!
We believe in you.
Stay strong.
You are brave.
Be fearless.

Make happy and positive handmade cards of encouragement for children sick in hospitals.

Many organizations ask that messages of “Get Well” and “Feel Better” not be included.

Don’t forget to sign each card with your first name and your city and state.

How to Encourage Kids to Make Cards for Sick Children

We made a total of 12 different handmade cards, from Thanksgiving to Happy Birthday to generic encouragement cards. It was a really nice way to spend a couple hours around the kitchen table with everyone working toward the same goal: thinking of someone else for a few minutes.

How to get the kids to make positive encouragement cards for sick hospitalized children and teach kids to be thoughtful and selfless.

Once the glue had dried and the last stickers applied, we stuffed our handmade cards into a mailing envelope and sent them off to Cards for Hospitalized Kids.

Make handmade cards for national organizations like Cards for Hospitalized Kids. Great school break activity to teach kids kindness and thoughtfulness.

Send More Snail Mail Hugs

Want to encourage more snail mail hugs in today’s digital age?

This sweet book, The Giant Hug, will get kids wanting to send a “hug” to someone they love through the mail today. The story is told through a cast of charming animals, each of whom gives out a hug to someone who needs one most.


Make a 10-minute kids kindness mailbox for home. How to spread more kindness between kids in the home.

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