INSIDE: 5 cute kids kindness coloring bookmarks to print. Free kindness bookmark coloring page for kids and teens.

Mark your pages with kids and teens kindness coloring bookmarks.

Read. Color. Practice kindness. All these activities that are good for the mind and soul. ❤

And now you can do all three with these cute {and free} kindness coloring bookmarks. Suitable for kids to adults.

So grab a colored pencil and a fun book and color your way to a kinder world. Grab the free printables now…

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5 Free and Cute ‘Be Kind’ Coloring Bookmarks

Colored pencils, crayons, gel pens – anything works.

Once colored in, you can laminate then punch a hole in the top to tie a ribbon or tassel.

Or, glue the bookmark onto a larger strip of cardstock for added durability.

Let’s start coloring!

5 Free Kindness Bookmarks for Kids

Whether for your kids or as a group activity, these kindness coloring bookmarks will make being kind a fun reminder!

Download and print out on 8.5 x 11″ paper.

Print out and share these kids and teens kindness coloring bookmarks.

Then cut and share. You need to pick up a paper trimmer! It will make your crafting life so much easier.

Use a paper trimmer for cutting paper, photographs and crafts.

Download the printable kindness coloring bookmarks. For personal use only.

Read and Be Kind! 5 Free Kids Coloring Bookmarks

How can you spread a little more kindness today?

Kids and teens printable kindness coloring bookmarks.

Love coloring pages? Check out my 10 {free} kindness coloring sheets!

Grab these 10 free kindness coloring sheets for kids, teens and adults.

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It's easy to start a kids Action Book Club. Read, be inspired, give back to the community.

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