INSIDE: Celebrate your special day with birthday random acts of kindness. Easy, fun, cheap birthday acts of kindness ideas for kids.

21 easy birthday random acts of kindness ideas for kids to do.


Whether you are turning 8, 18 or 88, there are so many great ways to celebrate one’s birthday. Especially when you can make someone else’s day equally as special!

Before you blow out those birthday candles, ring in this new (birth) year with these fun, easy and totally affordable random acts of kids birthday random acts of kindness ideas.

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How to Celebrate Kids Birthday with Acts of Kindness

In the days leading up to our little guy’s 8th birthday, we made a list of easy, kid-friendly ways he could perform eight acts of birthday kindness. This dinnertime brainstorming session became a family event with even the 5 year old suggesting some (albeit wacky) ways to spread kindness.

We made a list of his birthday acts of kindness, hung it on the fridge and he enthusiastically checked it off as he went about his way sprinkling kindness around.

The highlight was when he kept exclaiming, “I can’t believe I did three kind things today!” 🙂

Easy and Fun Birthday Random Acts of Kindness

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1. Say HI and smile to kids at school.

2. Bring flowers to his teacher. Attach a {free downloadable} birthday acts of kindness gift tag.

Bring flowers to a teacher, neighbor, friend or relative as easy and affordable birthday random acts of kindness for kids.

3. Deliver “Kind Mail” to his brother and sister.

Deliver Kind Mail to the people in your family as easy, simple, affordable kids birthday random act of kindness.

4. Create a “Birthday Box” for a child in need.

5. Make friendship bracelets to hand out to his classmates.

Make friendship bracelets for friends as part of kids birthday random acts of kindness activities.

6. Craft a card for a friend and include a sweet message.

Make card for friend or family as easy, simple, thoughtful kids birthday random acts of kindness activity.

7. Bring in a neighbor’s trash cans on garbage/recycling day.

8. Leave apples + caramel dip gift packages on friends or neighbors porches. Attach a birthday kindness gift tag.

Treat neighbors and friends to cute apples + caramel gift as easy birthday random acts of kindness activity for kids.

More Awesome Kids Kindness Ideas

9. Leave a sweet treat in the mailbox for the mail carrier.

10. Donate your gently used toys, books and clothes to a local donation center.

11. Return shopping carts left in the parking to the cart corral at the store.

12. Drop off a refreshing beverage to a friend on a hot day.

13. Bake cookies or make a meal for a friend, relative or neighbor.

14. Let someone with fewer items go in front of you in the checkout line.

15. Collect canned goods and donate to your local food pantry.

16. Got a pet? Donate any gently used toys, beds or extra supplies you have to the Humane Society.

17. Call a local nursing home and ask if you can deliver flowers or cards to residents who don’t get a lot of visitors.

18. Deliver donuts or cupcakes to the nearest police station or firehouse.

19. Hold the door open for someone.

20. Make eye contact with a stranger and smile.

21. Clean up trash at school, your local park or throughout your neighborhood.

Happy {selfless} birthday! What ways do you (or your family) make someone else’s day special?

21 easy birthday random acts of kindness ideas for kids to do.

Make a Birthday Box for Kids In Need!

Great family service project of crafting Birthday Boxes for children in need.

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