INSIDE: 16 fun and easy autumn crafts for kids and teens that help spread kindness and gratitute. 

16 fun autumn crafts for kids and teens that help spread kindness. Fall thru Thanksgiving crafts kids can make and gift to show gratitude and thankfulness.

After the lazy days of summer, autumn is the perfect season to refocus and rethink. Whether its our daily school and work routines or new habits we want to start, fall is the ideal fresh start. It’s also a great time of year to focus more on gratitude and thankfulness.

These 16 autumn kindness-themed crafts are sure to inspire the whole family to reconnect and focus on the blessings of this cooler time of year.

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16 Fall Kindness Crafts for Kids and Teens

From preschoolers to teens, everyone can find a little something to be grateful for this fall! From Labor Day through Thanksgiving, enjoy these kind crafts to make – or gift – this autumn.

Acts of Kindness Wreath

Create a simple autumn-themed wreath using artificial leaves, pom poms and stickers. On each leaf, write down a random act of kindness the family can participate in, such as raking the leaves in a neighbor’s yard.

Make a fall leaf kindness wreath with random acts of kindness written on the leaves.Source: Life Your Way

Decorate Pumpkins with Seniors

Many seniors living in care facilities enjoy the liveliness and spirit of children. Activity coordinators in retirement and assisted living facilities are always on the lookout for new activities to ward off loneliness and boredom amongst the residents. Contact a local senior care facility and ask if you can bring your children to decorate mini pumpkins with the residents.

You can decorate mini real (or artificial) pumpkins with:

Paint Positive Messages on Pumpkins

Grab your acrylic paints or Sharpie markers and turn your pumpkin into a positive message canvas!

Autumn Leaf Thankful Jar

What are you most grateful for? Grab one of these printable thankful cards and fill up your own gratitude jar.

What are you most thankful for this fall? Printable gratitude cards and autumn leaf jar for families to practice gratitude.Source: Mama Miss

Handprint Autumn/Thanksgiving Gratitude Wreath

Grab some autumn papers and trace yours or your kids handprints and shape into a wreath form. On each handprint write autumn reflections, acts of autumn kindness and/or things you are most grateful for.

Use autumn construction paper to trace handprints. On each handprint, write what you are most grateful for this autumn season.Source:

Count Your Blessings Tree {printable}

Grab this free printable to create a written or visual Blessings Tree. Encourage each member of your family to create their own, frame and display as autumn home decor.

Printable Count Your Blessings tree to encourage reflection and gratitude in your family.Source: Somewhat Simple

Thankful Tree

Walk through your backyard and pick up a handful of sticks and arranging in a pretty jar or vase. Create “gratitude leaves” to hang as a seasonal reminder of thankfulness.

Grab a handful of sticks, place in jar and create gratitude leaves to hang as autumn home decoration.Source: Simply VintageGirl

Autumn Leaf Gratitude Banner {printable}

Print and cut out these pretty autumn leaves and encourage family members to grab a leaf and jot down what they are grateful for that day. Hang and display for easy and affordable seasonal decor!

Printable autumn leaf gratitude and thankfulness banner for fall home decoration.Source: Carina Gardner

Thankful Paper Bag Turkey Puppets

A cute way to keep the kids out of the kitchen in the days leading up to Thanksgiving with these thankful brown paper bag turkey puppets. Gobble gobble, you thankful turkey!

Teach the kids gratitute and keep them out of the kitchen with DIY paper bag thankful turkey puppets.Source: Crafty Morning

Easy Autumn Kind Craft for Kids and Teens to Make and Gift

Felt Leaf Bookmark {great kindness gift idea}

Encourage cuddling up near the fire with these cute DIY felt bookmarks. Perfect for giving to friends and family or including in a neighborhood Little Free Library.

Felt leaf bookmark for easy, fun kids and teens autumn kindness themed crafts.Source: Good Housekeeping

Fall Leaf Bowl{great kindness gift idea}

Use artificial leaves, Mod Podge and a kitchen bowl to craft a pretty fall leaf trinket bowl. Fill with goodies for friends and family.

Use artificial autumn leaves, Mod Podge and kitchen bowl for pretty autumn trinket holder. Great fall-themed kindness gift idea.Source: Crafts Unleashed

Terra Cotta Pumpkin Candy Holder {great kindness gift idea}

Kindness can happen anywhere, even in the aisles of your local garden center. Use a small terra cotta pot and saucer set to craft a cute autumn pumpkin. Fill with candy for a sweet random act of neighborly kindness.

Use terra cotta planter and saucer for cute pumpkin candy holder. Easy autumn-themed random acts of kindness gift.Source: Real Housemoms

Thank You Pumpkin Cookies {great kindness gift idea}

Who doesn’t love cookies? Gift friends, teachers and neighbors with these adorable pumpkin Thank You cookies.

Autumn random act of kindness idea with sweet Thank You pumpkin-shaped cookies.Source: Bake at 350

Happy Acorn People {great kindness gift idea}

Who wouldn’t cheer up at the sight of a happy acorn? So cute! ‘Nuff said.

Happy mini acorn people. Paint articifical acorns with happy faces as easy, fun DIY autumn craft for kids.Source: Mas and Pas

Autumn Leaf Bouquet {great kindness gift idea}

Who says all those leaves need to be raked and bagged when you can create a pretty fall arrangement and surprise a neighbor with a friendly autumn leaf bouquet?

Give the gift of kindness with easy, cheap autumn leaf bouquet in mason jar.Source: Homedit

Cinnamon-Scented Pinecones {great kindness gift idea}

The smell of cinnamon screams “fall”! Aromatherapy experts say that cinnamon can reduce irritability, relax sore muscles and improve concentration. Why not gift someone a happier and healthier autumn with DIY cinnamon-scented pinecones?

Give the gift of cinnamon-scented pinecones this autumn. Easy random acts of kindness fall idea.Source: eHow

Have a happy, kind and thankful autumn season!

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