INSIDE: 20+ easy and fun ways kids, teens and adults can show kindness every day.

20+ fun and easy ways to be kind every day. Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17th.

Sure, there are those National Days when being kind and nice are hashtagged all over social media. Like National Do Something Nice Day on October 5th and Random Day of Kindness on February 17th.

And don’t get me wrong, these days are important. If anything, they simply remind folks to be decent to their fellow human.

But shouldn’t we aim to be kind every day? Here are 20+ EASY ways to be nice everyday. No hashtag required.

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20 Easy Ways YOU Can Be Kind Every Day

There is something incredibly humbling about doing something good just because. Whether you believe in Karma, doing onto others what you’d want done onto you or fairies that sprinkle kindness dust. However your internal compass guides you, there are endless ways YOU can be kind every day.

No credit, fame or notority required.

How the Family Can Be Kind Every Day

Whether it’s a normal Tuesday or National Random Acts of Kindness Day, here are 20+ ways to be nice!

1. Bring flowers to a teacher, coworker or neighbor

Bring flowers to a teacher, neighbor, friend or relative as easy and affordable birthday random acts of kindness for kids.

2. Put together an easy DIY Kindness Calendar with simple prompts like ‘Smile and say HI to someone new’

3. Teach the kids how to give someone a genuinely kind compliment

4. Buy someone a coffee, or if you’re feeling extra generous, offer to pay for the meal for the person in line behind you

5. Put an extra quarter into a parking meter when leaving

6. Make and distribute Blessing Bags for the homeless. Here are 6 easy DIY Homeless Blessing Bag ideas for you!

6 DIY ideas for homemade homeless persons blessing bags.

7. As a family, pick a cause or charity together. Can you volunteer a Saturday or can you collect money to donate?

8. Many families cannot afford simple birthday party supplies. Make a Birthday Box for a child in need

Easy simple family service idea to make Birthday Boxes for children in need.

9. Invite a neighbor you don’t know well over for dinner or invite several neighbors over for an at-home happy hour

10. Pick up trash around your neighborhood or local park, or offer to help an elderly neighbor with yard work

20+ Easy Acts of Kindness for Every Day

11. Leave a potted plant on a teacher’s desk, or on the front porch of a neighbor

12. Bring a neighbor their newspaper

13. Having a party? Instead of gifts, ask them to bring diapers, canned goods or blankets for people in need

14. Stop by a local Little Free Library and contribute some gently used books, or…

15. …Start an Action Book Club as a family, your team/troop or just a bunch of your kids friends

How to get kids to read, take action to help their communities at same time.

16. Hold the door open for someone

17. Let someone with less in their carts check out ahead of you at the store

18. Write a kind note to someone. Even if that person is in your home!

Free friendship and kindness printable notes for kids.

19. Do a chore for someone. Just because

20. Have a kind words only day. No gossip, no judgy talk, no mean words

21. Read a book on being a changemaker and making a difference in the world

22. Make homemade cards for hospitalized children

Make happy and positive handmade cards of encouragement for children sick in hospitals.

We live in a world where all sorts of acts of kindness – no matter their size and scope – can create the most positive domino effect.

Even if those dominoes are within the four walls of our home.

So how can you be kind today …and every day?

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