INSIDE: How to build a Birthday Box for kids in need. How to find organizations that accept DIY Birthday Boxes.

How to make Birthday Boxes for children in need. Organizations that accept birthday party supplies to service kids in foster care, hospitals, homeless.

Did you know that 15 million of children* (in the USA) live below the poverty line? That’s 21% of all children in the country. Low wages and unstable employment make it difficult for many parents to make ends meet. When you are struggling to put food on the table, the nice-to-have items – like a child’s birthday party – simply cannot be afforded.

But even under the most dire circumstances, every child’s special day should be celebrated. A great way to help a family in need is with the creation of a Birthday Box.

Simply put, fill a large shoe box with all the items needed for a festive birthday celebration. Here’s how to do it and get your kids involved to help…

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How to Make Birthday Box for Kids In Need

For many, a birthday cake and party decorations are a given. But for many others, purchasing such items are unaffordable. And as a parent, this is an important lesson for my own young kids to understand.

Fortunately, there are many established organizations whose mission is to help children in need have a wonderful birthday party. Scroll down to find an organization in your region as well as tips on how to partner with a local group.

What to Include In a Birthday Box?

Start by selecting an age and gender for the Birthday Box, such as 5-6 year old boy or 11-12 year old girl. A nice idea is to create a Birthday Box for the same age as your own child as we did here.

Start with a large shoebox (or party bag) and fill it with all the items necessary for a great birthday party, including:

  • Box of cake mix
  • Can of frosting
  • Birthday candles (no matches)
  • Party decoration, such as streamers or Happy Birthday banner
  • Children’s book (suited to child’s age)
  • Gift ($15-20 value)
  • Goodie bag (optional)

What to put in a Birthday Box for kids in foster care, hospitalized or facing homelessness.

Friendly Note: If you’re making a number of boxes, we suggest making them for a variety of ages and genders. Be sure to label each box/party bag with the age range and gender

How to Find Organizations that Accept Birthday Boxes

There are many established organizations whose sole mission is to help children in need have a great birthday!

The Birthday Box
They anonymously
deliver a birthday-in-a-box, complete with cake, candles, decorations and a gift – so all children, regardless of their families’ financial status, have the chance to enjoy their special day.

Together We Rise
Helps foster kids celebrate their special day with birthday boxes that include candy, party supplies and gift cards. They also have a team building component, ideal for Girl Scouts/Cub Scout troops or corporations.

Box of Balloons
With 36 chapters in 21 US states, Box of Balloons will pair you with a chapter. They will then provide you with a party theme and some information about the child in need.

Helps children in the foster system have a happy birthday. Currently only serving the Washington DC area.

The Confetti Foundation
Provides birthday cheer to severely ill children in hospitals. They accept handmade birthday cards and birthday banners as well as birthday party supply boxes.

How to Find Local Group for Birthday Box Donation

If you prefer to serve your own local community with a DIY Birthday Box, here are some tips for finding a local organization that may accept Birthday Boxes.

  • Enter “family shelter”, “women’s shelter” or “Boys and Girls Club” in a search engine
  • On shelter websites, look for Wish List to ensure they accept the items in your Birthday Box

Once you find a local group, email or call them to explain your DIY Birthday Box project!

  • Explain that you are donating goods for children celebrating a birthday
  • Detail what is included in your Birthday Box
  • How many Birthday Boxes, if you have more than one
  • When and where to donate the boxes

Help every child hear “Happy Birthday” on their special day!

*Source: National Center for Children in Poverty


Great family service project of crafting Birthday Boxes for children in need.


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