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Welcome to Crafting Kind Kids! We are a resource for kids kindness books, crafts and ideas for crafting empathetic families.

We believe that kindness starts at home. From there, we can more easily spread kindness at school, at work, in our neighborhoods and within our larger communities. Our goal is to give you fun, simple and affordable crafts, books and family service project ideas so we can all truly live the words, “Be Kind”.

Kindness can be learned and trained through repetition. By modeling kind behaviors ourselves, kids will too. This gives all of us a great opportunity – and responsibility – to teach by example. Crafting Kind Kids will provide you with easy ways to build kind kids and empathetic families.

Together, we can practice simple acts of kindness everyday and craft a happier world.

Our mission is to craft a generation of youth who will see a need, work to solve it and put more good into the world. #craftingkindkids

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